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SDA Local Government Area Market Data Report

On request MC Two can provide SDA Local Government Area Market Data Reports to draw together a selection of published data about the status and trends of the supply and demand for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)  in a nominated Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Statistical Area 3 (SA3). SA3s often broadly equate to a Local Government area.  Multiple SA3s combine to make a Statistical Area 4 (SA4).

Data Sources and Topics Covered

Data can be set against data from neighbouring (typically about three) SA3s  in the same SA4 and, in some areas,  State or Territory data. The report usually predominantly draw from the most recently published NDIS SDA quarterly data but also draws on population data and other published material. 

Topics covered include:

  • Location and population of nominated SA3 and SA4  

  • Evolution of Housing for People with Disability

  • Rollout of SDA

  • Overview of SDA in the nominated State or Territory

  • Expected numbers of Participants with SDA  

  • Available SDA – Dwellings and Places

  • New SDA

  • Unfinished SDA  

  • Type of SDA dwelling sought  

  • Advertised Vacancies

Report Presentation

Joseph Connellan of MC Two will present  the SDA Local Government Area Market Data Report in a one-hour online session with time for questions and discussion. A copy of the presentation will be distributed before the presentation.

Further Information

To discuss your requirements please contact Joseph Connellan on 0438 388 444.

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