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NDIS Q3 2020 Quarterly Report : SDA Information

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

As I compile a detailed analysis of the SDA section of the NDIS March 2020 Quarterly Report I noted that:

  1. With 14,000 participants with SDA we now have 50% of the expected total

  2. Growth in adding participants with SDA slowed from mid-2019

  3. There were 12,000 SDA places in enrolled dwellings, (which excludes Government-owned In Kind SDA) which is about 40% of the expected final total

  4. Some State and Territories actually saw reduced numbers of participants with SDA and reduced enrolled SDA places over the quarter

  5. About 1,000 places were added in New SDA while some places in Existing SDA were lost

  6. Most enrolled dwellings are Basic but most stock added during the quarter was High Physical

  7. There was a decline in the number of Basic dwellings enrolled during quarter

  8. At the end of the quarter, 80% of places in enrolled SDA were in Group Homes (4,5,6+ places)

  9. The highest proportion of enrolled places added during the quarter were in Group Homes (40%)

  10. 62% of all New places were delivered in NSW

  11. There was an increasing number of active SDA providers (240) but a reducing number (542) of inactive but registered SDA providers

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