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Key points from Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Data in the NDIS Q4 2020 Report

My key takeouts from the Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) data included in the Quarter 4 (June 30) 2020 NDIS Report report are below. As always, they probably generate more questions than answers.

My key takeouts from the Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) data in Quarter 4 (June 30) 2020 report are listed below. As always, they probably generate more questions than answers.

Projected SDA Growth

  • SDA is projected to grow from 17,500 to 28,000 participants


  • While additional data has been produced in Q4 2020 Report about New Build SDA, there are still key gaps such as the exclusion of In-Kind data

NDIS Participants

  • More than 75% of the expected number of NDIS participants (391,983) have joined the scheme

Participants with SDA

  • The number of participants with SDA (14,982) grew to 53% of the anticipated number (28,000) with an increase of 14% over the last 12 months

  • However, some states have a declining number of participants with SDA


  • The average payment to participants with SDA is $11,750 with those added during the last Quarter averaging almost $20,000 against an anticipated average of $25,000

Enrolled - Dwellings & Places - Existing and New

  • Most enrolled capacity (4,360 dwellings with 12,585 places) is Existing (3,188 dwellings with 10,124 places) rather than New (1,172 dwellings with 2,461 places)

Enrolled - Dwellings - Building Type

  • Most enrolled dwellings are Existing (2,990) followed by Newbuild (1,144), Legacy (198) and Refurbished (28)

  • However, most stock added during the Quarter was predominantly New Build (188) followed by Existing (44), Refurbished (4) and Legacy dwellings (1)

Enrolled - Dwellings - Design Category

  • The majority of enrolled dwellings are Basic (1,936) followed by Improved Liveability (927), High Physical Support (691), Fully Accessible (589) and Robust (217)

  • However, most dwellings added during Q4 2020 were High Physical Dwellings (119), followed by Fully Accessible (40), Improved Liveability (35), Basic dwellings (30) and Robust (13)

Number of Participants in Each Dwelling - Places

  • 62% of enrolled places (7,813 places) are in group houses with 4 or 5 residents, 28% (3,582 places) were in shared dwelling with 2 or 3 residents and 9% (1,190 places) were in individual settings

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

  • The average amount of SIL per participant is $345,000 p.a.


  • The number of active SDA providers is still increasing (now 256)

New Build

  • 1,172 New Build dwellings have been delivered with 2,461 places, mostly High Physical (476 dwellings with 917 places)

  • While most New Build were apartments (420 or 36% dwellings), most places were added in Group Houses (839 or 34% or places)

  • The two most common combinations of Design and Type are a.) Group House/High Physical (12% of all New Build places) and b.) Group House/Improved Liveability (11% of all New Build places)

  • The heaviest concentration of aggregation in a single dwelling in New Build is in NSW with 48% of new places in Group Houses

  • The most common (measured in places) Building type for New Build Robust is Group Houses (32%)

South Australia

  • South Australia’s SDA places are projected to grow to 1,990

  • Currently, 1,711 participants are enrolled but the number is declining (a reduction of 59 during the Q4 2020)

  • Currently there are 2,129 SDA enrolled places in SA


Please note that the information presented is based on information drawn from the NDIS Quarterly Report - Q4 2020 as well as other published sources. It is accurate to the best of my knowledge. It is important to note that information changes quickly and you should seek your own confirmation before using it to make business decisions. This presentation is not intended to replace or constitute business, financial, legal or other advice based on your specific circumstances and is general by nature.

Further Information:

Joseph Connellan is an experienced consultant who provides advice and education about housing for people with disability around Australia through his company MC Two Pty Ltd ( For further information please contact Joseph Connellan, Director on mobile 0438 388 444 or email on

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