Initiatives to Deliver the Housing in the "NDIS Home and Living Plan."

MC Two Submission to NDIA Consulation

August 2021

Broad, diverse and extensive actions will be required to deliver on the aspirations outlined in the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) consultation paper, "An Ordinary Life at Home" for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Home and Living Plan. This is particularly true for the housing component defined in the "Where I live" and "Who I live with" themes (The other two themes are "Who supports me" and "The things I use") (P13).

This paper identifies what is needed by contrasting the current system with the NDIA's vision for the future. When that is done for housing, five strategic initiatives are proposed in this paper:

1. Leverage other Government housing programs for "the Other 94%"

2. Add a whole of community approach to the NDIS individual approach

3. Engage the expertise of the Housing and Homeless sectors

4. Develop a new SDA funding mechanism

5. Reach agreements with State/Territory Governments to redevelop their SDA Stock

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MC Two An Ordinary Life at Home submission distributed
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