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NDIS 2020 Q2 Report: SDA

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

The 2020 Q2 NDIS Quarterly report provides useful insights into our three-part SDA journey (putting SDA in plans, enrolling existing stock and building new SDA) from our current supply of 17,000 SDA places to the projected 28,000.

At 31 December 2019 there were:

  • 13,683 Active participants with SDA in plan

  • 11,750 enrolled places of which 1,715 were new

However, progress has been uneven and slow.

An analysis at a State/Territory level reveals:

  • a majority of States and Territories saw an actual decline in the numbers of participants with SDA in the last quarter

  • a loss of previously enrolled existing stock

One bright spot was the addition of 112 new build places of Robust SDA in SA which in itself accounts for almost half of all new Robust SDA.

Reflecting on these numbers it occurs to me that:

  • It will take four years to enrol all participants with SDA at this rate

  • New SDA will probably only begin to come online at scale between one to three years from now

  • We can ill afford to lose Existing SDA out of the system before the New SDA comes on stream

  • These number reinforces the urgency for the current and additional actions in the enrolment of existing stock, development of new stock and inclusion of SDA in participants plans

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