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NDIS Housing Leadership Workshop

The purpose of the half day NDIS Housing Leadership Workshop is to assist community and organisational leaders to begin to explore:

  • the scale and diversity of housing journeys that National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants are likely to undertake in their community 

  •  what strategies could be pursued to both improve access to and expand the range of housing options available


Topics covered include:

  • Location and demographics of the community  

  • NDIS Funding 

  • Housing for NDIS participants

  • What does a good NDIS housing system look like?

  • Housing Journeys

  • What do we know about the main housing options?

  • Discussion: What are priority area?  

The half-day hour workshop are  facilitated by the consultant, Joseph Connellan of MC Two Pty Ltd ( It was supported by an extensive Powerpoint presentation.   The consultant will provide a summary of the day. 

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