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Understanding Housing Projects 

There are many interesting housing projects including both existing and new SDA. 

In understanding these projects it is best to break them down into their key components and identify their key contributors. Asking the following questions can help. 

  • Uses (Residential/Office/Retail)

    • What use(s) in the project?

    • Housing what groups?

  • People (Number and Configuration)

    • What configuration of dwellings?

    • Any spare bedroom/staff room?

    • No. housed per dwelling? Total?

  • Support​ (Amount and Provider)

    • What frequency of support?

    • How many providers?

    • Who are support provider(s)?

  • Accessibility (LHA and NDIS SDA)

    • Which dwellings are modified?

    • To what LHA level?

    • What SDA level?

  • Developer ( Who and Cost/Funding)

    • Who is the project developer?

    • How much does it cost?

    • Where do resources come from?

    • Owners?

  • Management (Tenure and Manager)

    • What tenure?

    • Who manages?

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